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 28" Round Glass Table Top,1/2" Thick with a 1" Bevel(Sold Online)




(Posted 11:20 a.m. Oct. 5th, 2008) For a limited time we are offering-Free Shipping-on our online Glass Tops or Glass Dining Tables, Offer with free shipping makes this a great deal with the cost of shipping going up daily due to the fuel cost. We have continued to keep our sale on Glass Products prices the same, while we have been paying more. Our sale can expire at any time .

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Below are some different edges for GLASS TOPS.


   The Glass Table Tops Below are Shipped by Fedex Ground and Curbside delivery in the 48 states of the US. For a Limited time,These Glass Table Tops will Come With Free Shipping on a purchase of $250.00 or more. 



24" Round 1/2" Thick Glass Tops  
Orig. Price: $170.00
Sale Price: $130.00
24" Square Glass Tops  
Orig. Price: $170.00
Sale Price: $130.00
28" Round 1/2" Thick Glass Top with 1" Bevel  
Orig. Price: $178.00
Sale Price: $138.00
30" Round 1/2" Thick Glass Tops  
Orig. Price: $185.00
Sale Price: $145.00
30" Square Glass Tops  
Orig. Price: $185.00
Sale Price: $145.00
36" Round Glass Tops  
Orig. Price: $225.00
Sale Price: $175.00
36" Square Table Tops with various edge choices  
Orig. Price: $235.50
Sale Price: $189.50
46" Round Glass Tops 1/2 Thick with 1" Beveled edge  
Orig. Price: $509.50
Sale Price: $306.50
48" Round 1/2" Thick Glass Tops with various edges  
Orig. Price: $519.50
Sale Price: $306.50
14" x 48" Rectangle Glass Tops,1/2" Thick  
Orig. Price: $205.00
Sale Price: $165.00
24" x 48" Rectangle Glass Tops,1/2" Thick  
Orig. Price: $225.50
Sale Price: $199.50
36" x 48" Rectangle Glass Tops,1/2" Thick  
Orig. Price: $379.50
Sale Price: $255.50
22" x 54" Rectangle Glass Tops,1/2" Thick  
Orig. Price: $289.50
Sale Price: $222.50
20" x 60" Rectangle Glass Tops,1/2" Thick  
Orig. Price: $299.50
Sale Price: $232.50
30" x 60" Rectangle Glass Tops,1/2" Thick  
Orig. Price: $449.50
Sale Price: $286.50
36" x 60" Rectangle Glass Tops,1/2" Thick  
Orig. Price: $469.50
Sale Price: $296.50
42" x 60" Rectangle Glass Tops,1/2" Thick  
Orig. Price: $509.50
Sale Price: $335.50
42" x 72" Rectangle Glass Tops,1/2" Thick  
Orig. Price: $549.50
Sale Price: $389.50
42" Octagon Glass Table Top with 1" Bevel Edge  
Orig. Price: $499.50
Sale Price: $296.50
48" Octagon Glass Table Top with 1" Bevel Edge  
Orig. Price: $529.50
Sale Price: $316.50
Racetrack Oval Glass Table Top 42" x 72" x 1/2" Thick,1" Bevel  
Orig. Price: $599.50
Sale Price: $427.50
Racetrack Oval Glass Table Top 36" x 60" x 1/2" Thick,1" Bevel  
Orig. Price: $509.50
Sale Price: $330.50



We have other sizes available which are not listed online, and are ready to ship

contact us with your size and we will send an e-mail to you with a quote, Click Here.

 42" x 72" Racetrack 1/2" Thick Glass Table Top with a 1" Bevel Sold Online. Chairs and This base was Customers before Purchase Of Glass Top.       24" Round 1/2" Thick ,1" Beveled Glass Table Top with Customers Custom Table Hanger with Candle Hanger,Custom Table Hangers are also for Sale.Made to Order for Different Ceiling Heights.Contact US Today for Pricing on Hangers or Glass Table Tops.

To look at our Glass Dining Tables With Different Glass Base Click this link  .


ON SALE....For Information about protecting your Glass Table Top surface click here.....

The Glass table tops do come in lots of sizes and shapes with various edge work.We would love to hear from you on your sizes.

IF You need delivery outside the 48 states of the United STATES, Contact us for a quote with your sizes at Glass-ShowerDoors for Quotes

 More Sizes are available with a 1" BEVEL EDGE,  Racetrack Oval Glass Table Tops, Boat Shape Glass Table Tops, Octagon Glass Table Tops, Round Glass Table Tops, Rectangle Glass Table Tops, and more Square Glass table Tops up to 3/4" Thick, These Glass Table Tops are shipped by common carrier in the U.S. and Most Places World Wide. Bulk Pricing is also Available.Contact us for a quote with your sizes at Glass-ShowerDoors for Quotes 

 (posted 8:30 A.M. August 31, 2008 )....... For a Limited time ,If Your Order totals $250.00 or More on our online Wall  Mirrors , our online Glass Table Tops and / or Our Glass Dining Tables.A Better View Glass and Mirror will Ship your Order for Free.The Free Shipping and Handling Charges covered with this offer are products listed,they can be combined .During your check out -- check the button $250.00 Free Shipping TableTops,Mirrors.Offer only valid in the 48 contiguous states. Thank You From the staff at ABV Glass and Mirror.


Locally we can install Custom Mirror Walls With Decorative applied Beveled Strips and Beveled Corners 


A Better View Glass and Mirror services the Hampton Roads, Virginia area and is

available to help with Commercial Door Glass Replacement or repair, need that

broken window fixed or if your door will not shut correctly Give us a call 



Shower Units for the "Do It Yourself" Homeowner!


Decorative Wall Mirrors of many styles, Beautiful and Elegant Wall Mirrors make a

 Great addition for Living Rooms, Hall ways, Foyers, and Bathroom Vanities.


24" x 36" Oval Frameless Mirrors                          24" x 36" Regal Decorative Frameless Wall Mirrors

Shipped to Your Front Door & Installed in Minutes!




Visit YOUR CUSTOM GALLERY for more glass ideas .


Beveled Table Top   Frameless Wall Mirrors   Your Custom Gallery

Frameless Shower Doors        Glass Shower Protector


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Local Areas Served In Virginia Are -

Hampton Roads, VA Williamsburg, VA  Green Springs, VA   Kings Mill, VA  Govenors Land, VA   Fords Colony, VA  Kings Point, VA Qeens Lake, VA James City, VA  Yorktown, VA  Marlbank, VA  Dandy, VA  Hornsbyville, VA  Seaford, VA  Grafton, VA   Harwood Mills,VA   Poquoson, VA  Norge, VA Lightfoot, VA   Croaker, VA  Five Forks, VA Jamestown, VA  Lee Hall, VA  Newport News, VA  Ft Eustis, VA  Denbigh,VA  Riverside, VA  Hidenwood    VA Hampton,VA  Ft Monroe, VA  Gloucester,VA  Gloucester Point, VA  Hayes, VA  Tidemill, VA Coke, VA  Ordinary, VA  Glass, VA  Brayshore Park, VA  Mathews, VA Smithfield, VA  Carrollton, VA  Battery Park, VA  Benns Church, VA  Isle of Wight, VA  Longview, VA   Peninsula, VA  Suffolk, VA  Norfolk, VA Virginia Beach,VA  Portsmouth, VA  Chesapeake,VA,



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A Better View Glass and Mirror Sells Glass Shower Doors and Shower Door Hardware to the following states :

ask for quote , Quotes on shower doors are quoted in the order they come in.

 ABV Glass and Mirror will get back with you in a timely manner .


Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho,Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky
  Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming



These are some of the Installation areas for A Better View Glass & Mirror IN VIRGINIA .

A Better View Glass and Mirror also does installations of Shower Doors in the locations surrounding these areas.

also available ,

  • Service of existing shower door enclosures .                    
  •  Custom Shower Door pick up for your own installation.
  • Order your Custom shower door for shipment.                


Hampton Roads, VIRGINIA Williamsburg, VIRGINIA  Green Springs, VIRGINIA   Kings Mill, VIRGINIA  Govenors Land, VIRGINIA   Fords Colony, VIRGINIA  Kings Point, VIRGINIA Qeens Lake, VIRGINIA  James City, VIRGINIA  Yorktown, VIRGINIA  Marlbank, VIRGINIA  Dandy, VIRGINIA  Hornsbyville, VIRGINIA  Seaford, VIRGINIA  Grafton, VIRGINIA   Harwood Mills,VIRGINIA   Poquoson, VIRGINIA  Norge, VIRGINIA Lightfoot, VIRGINIA   Croaker, VIRGINIA  Five Forks, VIRGINIA   Jamestown, VIRGINIA  Lee Hall, VIRGINIA  Newport News, VIRGINIA  Ft Eustis, VIRGINIA  Denbigh,VIRGINIA  Riverside, VIRGINIA  Hidenwood  VIRGINIA    Hampton,VIRGINIA  Ft Monroe, VIRGINIA  Gloucester,VIRGINIA  Gloucester Point, VIRGINIA  Hayes, VIRGINIA  Tidemill, VIRGINIA   Coke, VIRGINIA  Ordinary, VA  Glass, VA  Brayshore Park, VIRGINIA  Mathews, VIRGINIA Smithfield  VIRGINIA  Carrollton, VIRGINIA  Battery Park, VIRGINIA  Benns Church, VIRGINIA  Isle of Wight, VIRGINIA  Longview, VIRGINIA   Peninsula, VIRGINIA  Suffolk, VIRGINIA  Norfolk, VIRGINIA Virginia Beach,VIRGINIA  Portsmouth, VIRGINIA  Chesapeake,VIRGINIA,


Local Zip Codes A BETTER VIEW GLASS AND MIRROR Virgina  Services for Commercial and Residential Glass are 23666, 23601, 23602, 23693, 23606, 23608, 23604, 23662, 23430, 23696, 23185, 23696, 23690, 23691, 23603, 23072, 23883, 23881, 23072, 23188, 23061, 23665, 23664, 23669, 23430, 23314, 23607, 23605, 23661, 23651, 23668, 23511, 23703, 23505, 23518, 23503, 23521, 23455, 23451, 23459, 23487, 23403, 23432, 23314, 23436, 23433, 23435, 23508, 23504, 23509, 23513, 23462, 23502, 23452, 23454, 23434, 23321, 23701, 23324, 23704, 23707, 23320, 23325, 23323, 23464, 23460, 23456, 23461, 23322, and others with in these areas.





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