Cardinal Armor Shower Enclosure Protector


Buy Cardinal Armor Wash Online

Buy Armor Wash Online

Cardinal Armor Wash

Cardinal Armor Wash as shown in the above photo, is not available with the Cardinal label. The product we ship comes made from the original manufacturer of this product with their label. 


Use Cardinal Armor Wash for quick cleaning of Armor treated and other washable hard surfaces. Simply spray on and wipe off. Most stains on the factory applied Armor surfaces wipe away with a water-dampened micro-fiber cloth once or twice a week. Wet to loosen deposits, and buff with dry cloth. To maintain the Armor's original factory finish permanently use Armor Wash rather than soap or wax products. Armor never flakes or discolors.



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Cardinal Armor Wash, 1 Bottle
Orig. Price: $37.50
Sale Price: $18.50
Cardinal Armor Wash, 6 Bottles
Orig. Price: $170.00
Sale Price: $97.50
Cardinal Armor Wash, 12 Bottles
Orig. Price: $290.00
Sale Price: $165.50 



Cardinal Armor is a glass surface protection system based on a chemical process that links oxygen with carbon in the porous surface, blocking hydrolysis making the glass surface hydrophobic and repellant. Water beads up and runs off like quicksilver. The Cardinal Armor treatment leaves glass anti-static, repelling dust.

Cardinal Armor consists of multiple co-polymers that prevent hard water, soap and other stains from adhering to the surface. Dirt rinses away leaving the glass sparkling clear and streak free. Cleaning is far less frequent and much easier, without "harsh cleaners" of any kind.


Cardinal Armor Wash

Glass is protected perpetually by simply cleaning with the Cardinal Armor Wash as needed. When you order an enclosure protected by Cardinal Armor, you will receive a complementary bottle of Cardinal Armor Wash. Additional bottles are available from your local Cardinal Shower dealer.

 The protective sealing repellency can be maintained with normal wet and dry cleaning, and by using the Cardinal Armor Wash every other week.


Toxicity of Cardinal Armor

The coating treatment Cardinal Armor consists of organosilicon compounds (chemically combining carbon and silicon atoms, or "silanes") dissolved in appropriate solvents. The "silane" compound is chemically reactive with both itself, and also the surface to be coated. The solvents serve to dilute the active silane ingredient to the right concentration, providing a way of applying the material to a surface and giving the correct coating thickness.

The liquid coating itself is a mild irritant, and typical of most organic solvents. The active silane ingredient may also be classified as a mild irritant, and should not be splashed in the eyes, inhaled in any great quantity, or have prolonged skin contact. When the solution is applied to a surface the solvents evaporate away and the coating remains, gradually curing with exposure to humidity. The curing process releases very small amounts of methyl and ethyl alcohols that also evaporate away entirely. The resulting coating consists of a network of carbon and silicon atoms tightly linked together. The cured coating is insoluble, free of volatile residues, and no longer contains irritants of any variety. The surface chemistry of the coating resembles paraffin wax (which also accounts for its non-wet ability). Based on its chemistry, insolubility and durability, coatings of Cardinal Shower can be considered physiologically inert and entirely non-toxic.

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Cardinal Armor is manufactured by Tekon, LLC for Cardinal Shower Enclosures. For more information, visit

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Armor Wash, 1 Bottle

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